Scaling Up Master Class

Rob and Alan will share with you the powerful Monthly Management Reporting Process they have developed together to drive your business decisions that impact company performance. Rob will guide you through as we review each area of performance, such as strategy, finance, sales & marketing, operations, people, and overall company effectiveness.

Are you regularly asking the tough questions to drive business performance, such as... do you have the right people in the right seats doing the right things? Is your top-line revenue growing fast enough? Do you have a strategy and business model that can scale? Would your bottom-line profit be better if your day-to-day execution was more efficient? Is your business model generating enough cash so you can scale up?

Whatever is constraining your performance, the 'Scaling Up Master Class' is a great place to start to fix it. The core elements of Verne Harnish's #1 selling book "Scaling Up" will be presented to you using a Monthly Management Reporting Process to drive your most important business decisions.

The Process

'Scaling Up Master Class' is a one-day workshop ideal for senior management teams. Alan and Rob will provide you with the scaling up tools and solutions to achieve superior business performance using the Monthly Management Reporting Process, Cash Flow Excellence techniques and Gazelles 'Scaling Up' principles, incorporating:

  1. Monthly Management Meetings. A format will be provided to conduct monthly/quarterly senior management or board meetings using a reporting process to ensure all financial and business blind spots are uncovered. This includes all the spreadsheets to calculate all the numbers (you'll be provided with the report, the spreadsheets & full details on how to implement the process).
  2. Three Disciplines. The ability to consistently set priorities, gather data and follow a structured meeting rhythm will help you achieve your goals.
  3. Four Decisions. Ask the right questions to make better business decisions with your People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.
  4. Cash Flow Story. The 4 chapters of financial excellence (profitability, working capital, other capital, and cash flow and funding). How is your business performing in relation to the four chapters? What does every number mean, how you can improve them, how do your non-financial staff impact the numbers· performance? Alan will provide a flow chart covering every ratio and the techniques to improve.
  5. Power of One. Discover how to fix your business using 1% or 1 day changes to achieve its financial goals.
  6. Banks View. Learn how to ensure your organisation understands the way the banks view your performance and how to build a true partner with your bank through improved communication. Banking templates will be provided. How would the best review your business - the best CEO's, COO's, CFO's and Credit Officers? Alan & Rob will wear each of these hats throughout this workshop to show you how the best achieve financial and business performance excellence.

Alan and Rob will enable your organisation to make better business decisions, improve cash flow and grow the value of the business through this informative and interactive implementation class.


  • A monthly management / board meeting process covering key aspects impacting your business Performance
  • How to complete core growth tools found in the book 'Scaling Up'
  • Financial health check analysing profitability, working capital management, cash flow optimization
  • How to improve your business using the Power of One
  • Your banking communication and templates

Benefits to your Business

  • Discipline of regular strategic executive/board meetings and reporting
  • A process that all leaders in your business will understand & be able to contribute to- strategy, finance, HR, marketing, sales & operations
  • Better decision making and communication that creates killer strategy, focus, alignment and superior execution
  • Common language - all key management discuss company & financial performance using the same terminology
  • Fuel growth with smart cash flow management
  • Improved returns and growth in shareholder value
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