Scaling Up - EO Detroit

March 17, 2020

How would you best review your business - the best CEOs, COOs and CFOs?

Alan will wear each of these hats throughout his presentation to show how the best achieve financial and business success.

The Process

One Page Financial Scorecard, Monthly Management Reporting Process and


working capital management, cash flow optimization.

- Your monthly management/board meeting process covering all aspects of your business.

Benefits to your Business

  • A process that all areas of your business will understand and be able to follow (finance, strategy, marketing,HR and operations.
  • Creation of financial benchmarks.

All using the same terminology.

Alan Miltz is an award winning speaker, founder of "Cash Flow Story," and co-author of Verne Harnish's #1 Business Best Seller and Multi-Award Winner, Scaling Up.

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