Understanding Your Bank

After 20 years of dealing with Banks I can say that we Business speak Spanish and the Banks speaks Portuguese.

Business talks about Profit and the Banks looks at the Cash Flow as measured by your Capacity to repay.

You cannot understand the bank by looking at the profit of your company. Instead, you need to have a complete assessment on the 4 Chapters of your business. Chapter 4 Funding is the result of Chapter 1,2, and 3. A quick way to calculate the Cash Flow of your Company is the movements in ALL your bank accounts i.e. Cash at Bank and all Short- and Long-Term Debt.

Profit is not the primary indicator for a bank to assess a business. Instead, a bank will look at the net cash flow (as illustrated above) and other factors such as:

  • Management – best assessed by past financial performance and forecast accuracy
  • Debt Service Ability – does the business meet servicing ratios required by each bank
  • Security – If the business defaults on its obligations is the lender exposed to possible loss after it exercises its rights under the security agreements
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