How to Improve Business Profit, Cash and Value

Your management team needs to have a very sound understanding of Chapter 1 Profit and Chapter 2 Working Capital

There are 7 key levers that your management team can manage to improve Profit, Cash and Value.

Chapter 1 Profit Levers (Measured as a % )

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Cost of Goods or Direct Costs
  • Overheads

Chapter 2 Levers (Measured in Days)

  • Accounts Receivable Days
  • Inventory Days
  • Accounts Payable Days

As a leader you should ask yourself “How many 1%- or 1-Day changes should your company make to achieve your desired results?”. The small incremental improvements are the secret to “extract” the cash and value hidden in these 7 levers.

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