How would the best review your business – the best CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Credit Officers? Alan and Greg will wear each of these hats throughout this workshop to show you how the best achieve financial and business performance excellence.

Are you regularly asking the tough questions to drive business performance, such as … do you have the right people in the right seats doing the right things? Are you able to scale revenue and gross margin as your business grows? Do you have a strategy and business model that can scale? Do you have the right data at the right time to make critical management decisions? Is your business model generating enough cash so you can scale up?

The ‘Scaling Up Cash Master Class’ is a great place to put your complete cash strategy in order, from profitability to cash flow to true wealth creation. Greg and Alan were the core contributors to the cash section of Verne Harnish’s book ‘Scaling Up’ and they will present an expanded process to applying the principles in the book. They will help you to implement the concepts to scale your business to its potential.


‘Scaling Up Cash Master Class’ is a one day workshop ideal for senior management teams. Alan and Greg will teach you:

  1. Monthly Management Meetings.
    A format will be provided to conduct monthly/quarterly senior management or board meetings using a reporting process ensure all financial and business blind spots are uncovered. This includes all the spreadsheets to calculate all the numbers (you’ll be provided with the report, the spreadsheets & full details on how to implement the process).
  2. Running a “Ready to Sell” Business.
    Learn how to structure and operate your business as if it were being sold tomorrow to maximize market value.
  3. Setting Profitability Targets.
    Learn how to achieve profitability 3x the industry average.
  4. Cash Flow Story.
    The 4 chapters of financial excellence (profitability, working capital, other capital, and cash flow and funding). How is your business performing in relation to the four chapters? What does every number mean, how you can improve them, how do your non-financial staff impact the numbers’ performance? Alan will provide a flow chart covering every ratio and the techniques to improve.
  5. Power of One.
    Discover how to fix your business using 1% or 1 day changes to achieve its financial goals.
  6. Banks View.
    Learn how to ensure your organization understands the way the banks view your performance and how to build a true partner with your bank through improved communication. Banking templates will be provided.
  7. Streamline Accounting Process.
    Find out how to simplify accounting entries and using rolling data to manage smoothing of timing differences.
Scaling Up Cash Masterclass

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